Lost in translation

It was pretty exciting to start posting again and once more feel like part of the twitoblogosphere, or digital reality, or whatever we’re calling it.  I have to admit to not a small amount of regret for having neglected my blog for so long – in spite of my long list of “excellent reasons” for having done so. I was therefore prepared for a nudge or two from my friends, like Mary Branscombe’s:

Yet it was wonderful to see the interest from the people I don’t know yet, like Naohiro Fujie from Japan…

… until I actually went to see what he had said, and, since it was in Japanese, pressed Facebook’s “Translation” button:

Whew!  That’s a real punishment for neglecting a blog!  Or, perhaps worse, a bit extreme as a reaction to seeing me pick up the pen again.

But given Naohiro was just a click away I thought I really had to check in and see what was up:

Boy!  It sure shows it’s better to check your understanding of what people are saying before drawing any conclusions!

Meanwhile, I give Facebook’s Japanese translation engine a double *fail*.  Please, Facebook!  Take off that Translate button!  And nice to meet you Naohiro.

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