Bottoms up identity discussion at DIDW

Here is Marc Canter's take on DIDW versus the bottoms-up identity initiative:

So I am going to DIDW. It's key. I have no way of NOT going!

Eric Norlin slapped me around a bit today and both me and Doc took so lumps for not getting it together by grabbing an entire afternoon for our communal cause.

But it's all good – cause this will be a catalyst for us to go out and have our own dam show. DIDW is an enterprise show – and we need a show of our own.

Don't give up the ghost yet! Since last year, those of us who believe in bottoms up have made a lot of progress in getting parity with top-down.

Here's a call for everyone interested in bottoms up identity to be at the Hyatt in San Francisco on Monday afternoon at 1:00 – no conference pass necessary.

I'd love to meet you if you can get there. Stay tuned for room number.

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Kim Cameron

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