Great pieces on the laws

Scott Mace did amazingly accurate notes – pretty much a transcript – of my presentation on the Seven Laws at DIDW. How can he do that? If he ever needs someone to testify as to his accuracy, he can call on any of us who were there.

Over lunch Scott came up with the concept of an ID-Legal web site, joking that:

“…what we need is a Web site that determines which Web sites and services comply with (the) 7 laws of identity. Maybe it could be modeled on this, and let the visitors vote on the compliance of each particular Web site with the 7 laws.”

Anyway, if you know people who would benefit from the laws, I've made some printable versions (pdf and doc) that may be easier for people to read.

John Pallato at did a really good piece on the laws as well. I can't say enough about excellent journalism and what an important part of our world it is. People say it's rare. But excellent anything is rare – by definition.

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