Identityblog Information Card registration working again

A while ago I added “just one more feature” and, not having a test department, broke the process for registering a new information card here at Identityblog.  Predictably, I didn't see the problem because I've had my cards for, er, a while…  Anyway, I got a whole pack of emails telling me about it – and I appreciate that – but didn't have the time to track it down.  Thanks to all.

The problem was this:

People submitting a new card you would be sent an email asking them to click on a link to verify their email address.  When they did so, rather than having their membership approved, they would receive a message that not a few readers qualified as “meaningless”.  Others had saltier descriptions.

Anyway, I apologize – the problem was not with the Pamela Project's PHP code, but with a tweak I added when I changed the code to accept some experimental versions of claims selectors.  I still don't have a test department, but as far as I can tell everything now works.  Hint:  login before leaving your comment.

I currently accept managed cards from without the need to validate.  It's a slick experience.  I'd be happy to accept other providers too – just send me the distinguished name used in your signing certificate.


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