Eric caught reading techie talk

Speaking of which, Eric Norlin has belied his marketing nonchalance by admitting he's reading a blog intended for… true techies!

This is an interesting weblog for our true techie-readers out there: A weblog written by a Microsoft employee that is devoted (apparently) to the technical implementation of weblogs.

I think he maybe meant “technical implementation of InfoCards” rather than “technical implementation of weblogs” – but hey, InfoCards will soon be used in Weblogs, right?

Ready, set, go…

Once you complete the WinFX Runtime installation, you’re ready…

1. First, you must start “InfoCard Service” manually; you could use the command prompt: net start “InfoCard Service”.
Note: this is Beta 1 behavior. In a subsequent beta release, it’s very likely that you don’t have worry about starting the InfoCard Service anymore.

2. Go to control panel, you will see a new control applet, call “Digital Identities” – double click it.

3. You will see the InfoCard Management UI. I’m going to warn you that this is a ‘wire frame’ UI, it is enough get basic ideas across, but it is no where close to the final UI, and it will be radically different in a subsequent beta release, so please don’t read too much into this.

I gotta say – this sure is snappier than my description – thanks Eric.

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