Vittorio Bertocci brings it all together for us

My good friend Vittorio is one of the most gifted technology presenters – an artist!  But he's also a talented engineer and architect – the rat!  Vittorio has been a great supporter of minimal disclosure.  I want to point you to his nice little guide to the minimal disclosure videos…  None of Vittorio's real-time cartoons this time, but I hope they're coming…

“As is customary by now, the IdElement is providing extensive coverage of the U-Prove CTP:

Announcing Microsoft’s U-Prove Community Technical PreviewStefan describes U-Prove, some typical scenarios where traditional technologies fall short while U-Prove provides a solution, and a summary of what we are releasing.  image
image U-Prove CTP: a Developers’ PerspectiveChristian and Greg explore the CTP, clarifying U-Prove’s role in the Identity Metasystem and describing how ADFSv2, WIF and CardSpace have been extended in the CTP for accommodating U-Prove’s functionality.
Deep Dive into U-Prove Cryptographic protocolsA feast for cryptographers and mathematicians! in this video Stefan describes in details the cryptography behind U-Prove’s algorithm. Not for the faint of heart!    image

“I know that my good friend Felix felt strongly about U-Prove: I am so glad that we can finally share this! Congratulations to Stefan, Christian, Greg and everybody in the IDA division that made this happen 🙂


U-Prove CTP

– U-Prove SDK C# edition or Java edition

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