No horns or tails (at least during daylight hours)

A friend pinged me to point out this amusing posting from the very likeable Robin Wilton on what it actually feels like as we learn to “get over” the previous fracturing around identity infrastructure…

Well, without any great fuss or fanfare, I‘ve had a couple of ‘firsts‘ in the last few days.

Last Thursday I met Kim Cameron for the first time, along with Caspar Bowden and Jerry Fishenden, and we had a very engaging chat about identity, liberty (with and without a capital L ;^), privacy and related matters. Many thanks to Jerry, Microsoft‘s UK National Technology Officer, for hosting that one.

And yesterday I had my first visit to Microsoft‘s UK campus at Thames Valley Park. In the interests of ‘breaking them in gently‘, I felt I had to wear my “Sun Java Web Services” shirt. Well, I think they are going to need to get used to seeing a Sun logo onsite a lot more than it would have been in the past! And no, the shirt did not spontaneously ignite as I walked through the badge-locked doors…

And on the ‘flammability‘ theme, I have to report that our hosts didn‘t have horns, tails or little pointy forks. In fact, we had a very positive and relaxed meeting and made huge progress. Thanks this time to Gary Kelly for hosting us and making us feel extremely welcome. I genuinely look forward to working with you and your colleagues over the coming months…

I probably should have handed this in at reception on the way out, but under the circumstances it seemed a good souvenir!


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