IIW 2008B November 10-12 in Mountain View

The next Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) is coming up in November.  Identity Woman Kaliya and Phil Windley do a great job running this, and I did a double take reading Kaliya's list of what was accomplished there.  It really happened.

If you attend, you'll meet people thinking deeply about identity from a hundred points of view – and doing great software.   Here's Kaliya's description:

The community that comes together at the workshop is really amazing.  It is a working meeting for a range of groups focused on the technical, social and legal issues arising with the emergence identity, relationship and social layer of the web. The key thought leaders in the area are all there in a highly interactive environment.

We have been focused on “user-centric identity” – considering how end-users, regular people, can manage their own identity across the range of websites, services, companies and organizations that they belong to, purchase from and participate with.

A lot has happened since we first met in the fall of 2005 in Berkeley:

  • We have several foundations that have formed around key technologies – OpenID and Information Cards.
  • LIberty Alliance continues to be actively involved in the community
  • OASIS TC's have started actively participating.  
  • The Vendor Relationship Management project has sprung up out of the community continues to evolve. 
  • OSIS – (Open Source Identity Systems) was founded at IIW and is working on its 4th major interop event happening at DIDW next week (#3 was at RSA in the spring).

 As a community we have been exploring these kinds of questions:

  • How are social networking sites and social media tools applying user-centric identity?
  • What are the open standards to make it work? (identity and semantic)
  • What are technical implementations of those standards?
  • How do different standards and technical implementations interoperate?
  • What are the new social norms and legal constructs needed to make it work?
  • What tools are needed to make it usably secure for end-users?
  • What are the businesses cases / models that drive all this?

 You can check out our community aggregate blog http://www.planetidentity.org

Here is my blog on the conference http://www.identitywoman.net/?p=784

 Who comes to  IIW?:

  • Anyone interested in identity (user profiles, social linking, user history & metadata etc) on the web and in digital systems. 
  • Entrepreneurs  who are working companies about people and their identities online – profiles, social linking, group formation. Basically those doing ANYTHING with the word SOCAIL in it.
  • Product Managers who are trying to figure what to do now and plan for interms of user-identity and information sharing in your product. 
  • Engineers/Programmers who have to implement the emerging standards that are covered at IIW.
  • Researchers/Academics studying identity online. 
  • Lawyers who are interested in end-user agreements and how new technologies change/improve how people interact with companies.
  • Sociologists, Anthropologists who are considering online life and the implications of identity online.

This is a conference where you get out of it what you want.  If you have something to present you are most welcome to. If you have questions you need answers to you can find them.

You can read what community members have said about the quality of the event.


The event is VERY affordable for a 2.5 day high quality conference with the leading professionals in the industry.

  • Students – $50
  • Independents (small startups, nonprofits)- $200
  • Corporate – $350


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