Intriguing new identity technology

Nature magazine has published an intriguing report called Fingerprinting Documents and Packaging that suggests the possibility of interacting digitally with paper documents without the use of RFID tags or modifications to current production processes. According to the authors: “We have found that almost all paper documents, plastic cards and product packaging contain a unique physical … Continue reading Intriguing new identity technology

ID Cards – UK's high tech scheme under the microscope

People who've followed this blog for a while know that I'm very interested in the debate around government issued ID cards currently taking place in Britain. Like Americans, Britons aren't used to compulsary ID cards. The proposed British scheme is based on a single universal identifier used across all government contexts and possibly across commercial … Continue reading ID Cards – UK's high tech scheme under the microscope

On the Identity Trail

Thanks to Stefan Brands for pointing us to On the Identity Trail – a really interesting blog on “Understanding the importance and impact of anonymity and authentication in a networked society”. It sports the “animated fingerprint’ shown here (Warning! Don't look at it for too long!) and in addition to Stefan, the group includes luminaries … Continue reading On the Identity Trail

Brick and Mortar Cards with Chips

I’ve been learning more about British Identity Cards.  Here is how the BBC covered introduction of the legislation by Home Secretary David Blunkett, who said polls showed 80% of the population supports the initiative. The proposed Bill is short (sixty pages) and makes an interesting read – if you are an identity freak. The typical … Continue reading Brick and Mortar Cards with Chips