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This notice is the entire privacy notice for the site at

Personal information usage and storage 

  • In order to leave comments on the blog, I will ask you to provide personal information: a first name, last name, and email address.
  • It is not required that your first name and last name correspond to your natural identity. However you must control your working email address.
  • Each time you authenticate, I also request your personal identifier – a random number created by your identity provider that I associate with you.
  • This information is stored in a WordPress mySQL database protected with a password.
  • The first name and last name are retrieved from the database to identify your comments.
  • The email address is used as an anchor in case you lose your information card: by proving ownership of the address you can register with another card.

No combining or revealing of information

  • The information I collect will not be combined with information obtained from other services and companies.
  • The information will not be revealed to other companies or organizations under any circumstances unless I am legally required to do so.

No persistant cookies or tracking of your reading 

  • If you do not authenticate by using an Information Card or site pass, no cookie is generated and no tracking is done.
  • When you authenticate using CardSpace or one-time site pass, I create a session cookie to give you a better experience when leaving comments.  The time and IP address of your authentication are stored in an audit database so I can aggregate the data and graph Information Card usage.  No other tracking is done.
  • The cookie is not reused between sessions.
  • Under no circumstances do I track which postings you have read or searches you have done.


  • You will never be sent an email except to prove possession of your address during registration.

Updating your personal information

  • To change your personal information, change what is in your Information Card. The system will be updated automatically.

This is a personal blog and my goal here is to convey why and how I am using (and will use) any information I ask you to provide. If you have other questions I should answer or comments on my policy, please let me know.

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