New Study from IBM

As the Laws of Identity pointed out: ‘A deepening public crisis [in terms of continuously increasing “phraud”] would mean the Internet would begin to lose credibility and acceptance for economic transactions when it should be gaining that acceptance… The absence of an identity layer is one of the key factors limiting the further settlement of … Continue reading New Study from IBM

Risks of poor design means huge potential security problems

Jerry Fishenden, who is Microsoft's National Technology Officer for the UK, just contributed this first rate piece to the Scotsman: A WELL-DESIGNED UK national identity card could help tackle many problems, including the upward trend in identity fraud and theft. But important technical, security and privacy issues need to be tackled to ensure its success. … Continue reading Risks of poor design means huge potential security problems

Intriguing new identity technology

Nature magazine has published an intriguing report called Fingerprinting Documents and Packaging that suggests the possibility of interacting digitally with paper documents without the use of RFID tags or modifications to current production processes. According to the authors: “We have found that almost all paper documents, plastic cards and product packaging contain a unique physical … Continue reading Intriguing new identity technology