Craig ‘Shrinks’ Kim after slashdotting

Craig Burton and I spent some time recently figuring out what we could learn from the slashdot community's reactions to the Laws of Identity (reactions which I first discussed here). Our conversation is available in mp3 and in wma (about 17 minutes).

We look at anonymity, and I ask Craig whether people will get the idea that in the digital world, anonymity is a form of digital identity in which there are no claims.

We discuss what Craig calls “the architectural weakness” of schemes based on “deny assertions” – commonly known as “blacklists” or “deny ACEs”.

And Craig says some interesting things about how all of this relates to what Dick Hardt has called Identity 1.0 and 2.0.

When I listened to the conversation I could see that in several places I used the word “identity” when I should have been saying “digital identity”. For example, I talk about identity being a set of claims – when it is digital identity that is a set of claims.

It is essential to be totally precise about these usages, so be sure to slap me around when I get it wrong.

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