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It sounds like Craig Burton has been having trouble with the demo Cardspace Selector I put together for Firefox. I&#39m not sure what trouble he&#39s been having, but I thought I&#39d toss up some quick instructions, and a screen cast.

Step 1) Make sure you&#39re on Firefox 1.5 or greater.

Step 2) Make sure you&#39ve got J2SE 1.4x installed on your machine. The xmldap selector doesn&#39t use any .net or Microsoft code…its a cross platform implementation written from scratch in Java. You can hit if you need to download a JDK

Step 3) Go to and download the Firefox extension. You may need to allow the popup blocker to trust my site. Restart firefox.

Step 4) Go to a Cardspace enabled site like xmldap, identityblog, or ping

Step 5) Click to login, create a card, and submit.

Note that you&#39ll still get a warning saying: “Additional plugins are required to display all the media on this page” Ignore it…I haven&#39t figured out how to make it go away yet. Please email me or comment if you know!

Craig and others – email me at cmort at if you have questions or issues!

When I tried it I was using an earlier version of Firefox and had no luck – so make sure you get onto Firefox 1.5 or later.

By the way, this is a must-see demo not only for its general coolness, but for the special coolness of its sound track.  It&#39s really a wonderful, no-nonsense piece of work.

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