Going substantive

OK – I've been bloggin’ for a week and haven't written about any substantive identity issues yet. I've just been getting used to the environment, which is pretty incredible. And starting tomorrow, I will turn over a new leaf, I promise! None of this self-referential biff! boom! bah! with Marc Canter and my other friends. Except to report that he now says this (I can't help myself):

It's great to see Kim extending olive braches in the spirit of BIG BANG and distributed computing.

We gotta realize that Microsoft IS 1,000 Tornados – and maybe all those young Turks there will realize that Windows based machines WILL be connected to a distributed mesh of devices (whetehr they like it or not) – which yes – will be runing somebody ELSE's software (heaven forbid.)

In that scenario – it behooves us ALL to make sure that Microsoft is there – with Indigo, InfoCards and Users & Groups.

Gee – I hate it when Marc calls me a young turk.


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