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Identity Blog has been selected as one of CNET's top 100 blogs. More info here. And here's how CNET describes what they have tried to do:

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With more than 14 million blogs in existence and another 80,000 being created each day, how is a person supposed to find the ones worth reading?

That is the question CNET is attempting to answer with our first Blog 100 list. This effort adds to features such as Blogs, Extra, My News, TalkBack, Newsburst, and Blogma, in which editors and reporters are helping find the best news and views on the Web for the convenience of our readers.

Blogs have become an important source of information, but the signal-to-noise ratio makes it hard to find the gems. In our pursuit, we spent weeks checking out technology-oriented blogs based on the recommendations from our reporters and readers.

Of course, such a list is bound to generate vigorous agreement and vehement dissent. It's impossible to even get universal agreement on the definition of a blog.

For our search, we decided to be very liberal. You'll find blogs produced by a single person and others that have grown to include a staff of contributors. Some are associated with major news outlets, while some are published by large companies. The bottom line is that they all are produced by passionate people who have a wealth of information about their corner of the tech world.

After defining the types of blogs that could be considered for our list, the next question was to determine just what constitutes a “good” blog.

There are a lot of reasons people find particular blogs worthy of their time. Some are valued solely for their aggregation of pertinent news, while others have formed a devoted following based on the robust and educated comments of their readers. Still others have become popular because of their humor or for the biting tone of their writers’ opinions.

Feel free to send us feedback on our list, which we intend to regularly update as blogs change in quality. With a blog being created about every second, there are bound to be a few more good ones. And we'll help you find them.

I hope I can use this opportunity to bring identity issues to the attention of a larger audience.

Those of us in the identity community are lucky to have committed journalist colleagues like those at CNET who take the time to understand our complex issues – and who are able to explain them to a wide audience.

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