Stefan Brands has started to blog

Stefan Brands, who put together our holiday reading list, has his own IdCorner blog now and I really look forward to what he will be adding to the conversation. Stefan has a strong academic background (he's currently at McGill) and runs an innovative startup called Credentica.

Stefan Brands’ Identity and Privacy Reading List

I asked Stefan Brands, who has both an academic and practical interest in identity systems, to put together a reading list of interesting papers and books on identity-related issues that we should take a look at. And I&#39m sure most of us will enjoy seing what he has set out for us… I&#39ve posted it … Continue reading Stefan Brands’ Identity and Privacy Reading List

New primer from Stefan

Stefan Brands has pubished a Primer on User Identification which can be downloaded here. It is a good introduction to Stefan's thinking and research – very stimulating work. I know there are people who hear about a metasystem proposal and think, “Can't we just stick with TOKEN-X and have done with it?” And I understand … Continue reading New primer from Stefan