Identityblog software updated

I&#39ve updated my WordPress blogging software, and installed the nifty new PamelaWare Information Card plugin.  Pamela, congratulations to you and your colleagues for a great job on this plugin!  The install was amazingly clean.  It&#39s ready for prime time. 

Meanwhile, if anyone notices any features of the blog that aren&#39t working properly, please let me know.  So far, it seems too smooth to be true.  So congratulations to our friends at WordPress too!


2 thoughts on “Identityblog software updated

  1. The new PamelaWare login works great with my Higgins-based selector from Great job Pamela!

    (But the tiny little red ‘i’ logo at the top of the page seems to be pointed at the old i-card login URL. Seems like you could remove this one, since you now have a giant purple ‘i’, too.)

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