WS-SecurityPolicy has been published

Today WS-SecurityPolicy, which is an important specification needed to build components that support InfoCards, was published here.

That means within the next couple of weeks we can release a version of The InfoCard Implementors’ Guide.

The Implementors’ guide will show the exact parts of WS-SecurityPolicy, WS-Trust and so on that will be used by the Windows InfoCard Selector (working name), and explain how all the knobs and levers work in the context of the proposed multi-centered identity metasystem that includes services and components running on other platforms and operating systems.

The guide will contain wire traces. My dream is that my team at Microsoft would work with other teams who are developing compatible systems so the InfoCard Implementors’ Guide becomes the clearest document of its type ever produced…

It will be interesting to see how far we still need to go in this regard!

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Kim Cameron

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