Linux Journal Does The Identity Metasystem

A picture named doc-cover.jpgThat's the Internet's Doc Searls on the cover of this month's Linux Journal. And as you can see, his piece is titled “The Identity Metasystem“. It tells the whole Identity Gang story in the way only Doc can do. I sure wish I could write like that! Of course I always wanted to skate like Wayne Gretzky too. Not likely any time soon!

The kicker reads:

Can a free market in identity systems emerge from a confusing array of vendor-specific silos? Doc sees hope from an unlikely source.”

And yes, he's talking about us.

I'm part of the story, and far from objective. But it must be evident to all that he has really put his reputation on the line to push identity into fast forward. I love the way he approaches things.

I sure hope I can live up to the belief Doc, Craig and others have placed in me. I”ll certainly keep plugging away at this with all my friends and colleagues across the industry until we get this thing built – redefining the future Internet in a way that gives its inhabitants the kind of identity capabilities they want and need in the different aspects of their lives.

I don't think anyone could have contemplated Linux Journal running an article like this a year ago. Is it a bizarre historical anomaly, or a sea change? Who can tell? But there is a deep conversation happening. And there is optimism. That feeling we had when personal computers were first explosively announcing the new digital era.

A picture named 2005-os-awards2.jpg While I'm on the subject of Doc, he just won a prestegious Google O'Reilly Communicator award:

Communicator: Internet pioneer Doc Searls, co-author of “The Cluetrain Manifesto” and a Senior Editor for Linux Journal.

Anyway – pick up Doc's Linux Journal article (not available online). No matter how things turn out, it will sure be a defining document of this incredible trip.

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