Drop what you're doing and go to see this man

Last night we were lucky enough to experience the spectacular young violinist Stefan Jackiw. The Seattle Symphony was up to the challenge, and together they put on Saint-Saëns’ pyrotechnical cliffhanger – Violin Concerto No. 3 in B minor, Op. 61.

Looking half angel and half kung fu fighter and wearing all-black, the nineteen year old genius drew the most exquisite lightning bolts from his fiddle and cast them towards us with a finality that somehow never eclipsed Saint-Saëns’ himself. Stefan's natural charisma and talent make him so darn hip – withbout any of the tellement travaillé some young violinists have had to resort to.

(By the way, his management should lose his current promo shots ASAP – they completely miss what he's about. Get a shot of him while he's playing, for heaven's sake. Isn't it obvious?)

Basically, Stephan is so good I just want to see him perform again before anything changes.

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Kim Cameron

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