Reduced Realism

Do not worry! The graphic to your right is not really happening!

A picture named ms_con_mgr.gifI&#39m currently switching to a new Toshiba Portege tablet PC (the HP tablet I was trying before was too heavy and the screen was u-n-b-e-l-i-e-v-a-b-l-y small).

As part of the grossly tedious job of moving my environment from last week&#39s system to this week&#39s, I had to set up my connection to Microsoft&#39s “Corporate Virtual Private Network”. This is the system we use to get to corporate resources when we&#39re at home or on the road.

This task brought me to the screen shown here – I know it now looks pretty ugly but it was scaring some of our more “protected” readers so I reduced its realism. The content relates directly to the conversation I&#39ve been having with Eric Norlin about trends with regard to explicit versus implicit consent when releasing identifying information. To me it is further indication that employers are increasingly willing to seek explicit consent.

The most interesting thing about such consent is that it is about more than being “a good and progressive employer”: it actually puts employers in a stronger legal position should disputes arise about their collection of information.

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