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Scott Mace has posted his interview with Owen Davis, President of Identity Commons.

I found a new page that lists all of Scott Mace&#39s interviews in the “Opening Move” series – including those done at the 2004 Digital ID World Conference. Speaking of which, IT Conversations is supposed to be posting all the presentations from the Digital ID World Conference – but only one session seems to be up so far.

James Governor wins “most passionate feedback” award with this endorsement (I think it&#39s an endorsement) of the Second Law:

rogue elements? the bloody Corporations are rogue elements. they have to start taking responsibility for their identity bulemia. they swallow all this information and then go puke it out afterwards. the fraud happens in the toilet bowl. if they didnt stuff themselves with information they have no *right* to ask for, and certainly not to insist on, then fraud and identity theft would be way harder. rogue elements? rogue elephants more like.

Jamie Lewis is coming back on the air real soon now. That will be fun. Unfortunately his day job has been getting to him.

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