Vittorio&#39s new book is a must-read

Vittorio&#39s new bookIf you are a programmer interested in identity, I doubt you&#39ll find a more instructive or amusing video than this one by Vittorio Bertocci.  It&#39s aimed at people who work in .NET and explores the Windows Identity Foundation.   I expect most programmers interested in identity will find it fascinating no matter what platform they work on, even if it just provides a point of comparison.

And that brings me to Vittorio&#39s new book:  Programming Windows Identity Foundation.  I really only have one thing to say about it:  you are crazy to program in WIF without reading this book.  And if you&#39re an architect rather than a coder – but still have a sense of reading code – you&#39ll find that subjects like delegation benefit immensely from the concrete presentation Vittorio has put together.

I have to admit to being sufficiently engrossed that I had to drop everything I was doing in order to deal with some of the miniature brain-waves the book induced.  

But then, I have a soft spot for good books on programming.  I&#39m talking about books that have real depth but are simple and exciting because the writer has the same clarity as programmers have when they are in “programming trance”.  I used to even take a bunch of books with me when I went on vacation – it drove my mother-in-law nuts.

I&#39m not going to try to descibe Vittorio&#39s book – but it really hangs together, and if you&#39re trying to do anything original or complex it will give you the depth of understanding you need to do it efficiently.  Just as important, you&#39ll enjoy reading it.

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